The Ladder (kind of) manifesto


What is The Ladder ?


A pop-up project re-imagining the ways the community can access work and income.

Turning needs and challenges of the community into work opportunities for its members.


The Ladder intentions:

  • Involve community on this re-imagination process;
  • Use community assets/ resources as platforms/tools for work;
  • Turn communities needs into work opportunities;
  • Empower individuals to access income;
  • Enhance skills & talent of each individual;
  • Guarantee every individual thinks in a future rather than “getting a job”
  • Challenge the current perception of job;
  • Create work opportunities that are flexible around each one’s priorities & ambitions;
  • Create motivation within individuals, households, and the community as a whole;
  • Ensure that each household involved has access to an income that provides a comfortable life.


The Ladder goals:

  • Boost social mobility;
  • Break poverty cycles;
  • Break intergenerational unemployment;
  • Turn individual dreams into reality;
  • Look beyond entry level.


The Ladder outcome:
A sustainable service that can be put in place in the Andover Estate.


The Ladder is part of the final project of a MA in Service Design being undertaken by Laís de Almeida at the Royal College of Art.

April 2014